Expert Vehicle Restoration Services

in the North West and across the UK
Restore your vehicle to its former glory with PowerShift Blast Cleaning. We offer expert vehicle restoration services, including paint stripping and rust removal, in the North West and across the UK.
Dealing with Rust, Old Paint, and Surface Imperfections?
Our vehicle restoration services are designed to effectively tackle rust, old paint, and surface imperfections while preserving the integrity of your vehicle. Using specialised blasting techniques, we can remove contaminants and prepare your car for a fresh coat of paint, ensuring a flawless finish.

Our Vehicle Restoration Process

Step-by-Step Vehicle Restoration
Initial Assessment
We begin by assessing the condition of your vehicle and discussing your restoration goals.
Surface Preparation
We use fine abrasive blasting to remove rust, old paint, and surface contaminants without causing damage.
We carefully and meticulously clean every part of your vehicle to ensure a smooth surface for repainting.
Finishing Touches
We provide guidance on the next steps for repainting and finishing your vehicle to achieve a showroom-quality look.
The Revitalisation of a Classic Car
At PowerShift Blast Cleaning, our expertise extends to the meticulous restoration of classic cars, ensuring every detail is attended to with precision. In this case study, we highlight the comprehensive restoration of a cherished classic car. This project demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our capability to restore vintage vehicles to their former glory.
Key Aspects
Engine Restoration
Detailed cleaning and restoration of engine parts to ensure optimal performance and appearance.
Wheel Refurbishment
Complete overhaul of wheels, restoring them to their original condition and enhancing the car's overall aesthetic.
Surface Preparation
Careful preparation of all surfaces to ensure a smooth, even finish ready for repainting.
Attention to Detail
Meticulous attention to small parts and intricate details, preserving the car's authenticity and charm.
Final Inspection
Rigorous final inspection to ensure every aspect of the restoration meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Why Choose PowerShift?

Precision Blasting in the North West and around the UK
At PowerShift Blast Cleaning, we bring over a decade of experience in providing top-quality fine abrasive blasting services. Our team of skilled professionals employs advanced equipment and techniques to deliver the best results for our clients. Here’s why you should choose us for your fine abrasive blasting needs in the North West, UK:
Precise and Effective
This blasting method ensures meticulous cleaning with minimal material loss.
Eco-Friendly Approach
We use environmentally safe materials that are non-toxic and sustainable.
Versatile Applications
From car restoration to property maintenance, our services cater to various needs.
Dedication to Quality
We are committed to delivering high-quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.
Restoring a classic Mini to it's former glory.
At PowerShift Blast Cleaning, we take pride in bringing new life to cherished vehicles. Here, we showcase the meticulous restoration of a classic Mini car, a beloved icon of British automotive history. Through our expert fine abrasive blasting techniques, we removed decades of rust and old paint, revealing the car's timeless charm and setting the stage for a flawless finish.
Key Aspects
Initial Assessment
Thorough inspection to evaluate the extent of rust, paint degradation, and structural integrity.
Surface Preparation
Use of fine abrasive blasting to carefully remove rust and old paint without damaging the underlying metal.
Precision cleaning of intricate parts and hard-to-reach areas to ensure a smooth and even surface.
Rust Treatment
Application of rust inhibitors to protect the metal and prevent future corrosion.
Paint Preparation
Prepping the car for a fresh coat of paint by ensuring a flawless, primed surface.

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Bringing Back the Charm to a classic VW Camper
We excel in restoring beloved classic vehicles to their original splendour. Here we focus on the restoration of a classic VW Camper, a timeless symbol of freedom and adventure. Through our expert techniques, we meticulously restored various components of the camper, ensuring it is ready for many more journeys.